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The Best Time to Have a Baby

Couples usually discuss having a family once they are committed to their relationship. Planning how many kids you want and how far apart in years has probably been covered in your marriage counseling classes. The problem is that life frequently happens differently than planned. So how do you decide when to have a baby?


First, consideration is for the health of both parents. Obviously, the mother must be healthy since her womb will carry and nourish the fetus. However, if your significant other is facing health prob-lems, then determine how this will impact caring for and raising a child.


If one or both of you are older, then you might want to raise a family sooner in the relationship. No woman knows when she will start menopause. It ranges from the mid-30s to early 50s. If you still prefer to wait, then you have the option of freezing your eggs.

Career Goals

Women with career goals should examine the treatment of female employees in their company. Some jobs will “mommy-track” a female employee if she has children early in her career. Women in these companies might prefer to become established first. Women in other workplaces might choose to have children early and then pursue career advancement.


Some couples prefer to buy a home before having kids while others enjoy the convenience of rent-ing an apartment. It really depends on the amenities in your area. For example, millions of people in New York are content to live in apartments because the city offers so many things to do. Other people want their kids to have a backyard in which to play.


Go over your budget and make sure you have enough savings for the additional expense of having a baby.

  • Health insurance deductibles and co-pays
  • Obstetricians generally requiring full payment by the 7th month of pregnancy
  • Buying items to prepare for the baby
  • Daycare or babysitter fees
  • Cost of frequent doctor visits and immunizations during baby’s first year
  • Loss of income if you plan to stay home or cut back to part-time hours