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Preparing for Baby

Congratulations on choosing to have a baby. You will soon be busy decorating and preparing the nursery. The process is more fun when you have an organized list to check off as you buy things. You might want to print this post for a handy reference.



– The convenience of a bassinet cannot be over-stressed. When you crawl into bed exhausted and the baby starts crying, you only have to lean over and comfort them. Night feedings are a breeze if you choose to breastfeed. Most babies outgrow a bassinet by the time they are 6 months old.


– Buy a new baby crib for its modern safety features. Some older cribs have rail-ings spaced farther apart, or a space between the mattress and the railings.

Baby Bureau

– Play clothes and sleep outfits will store nicely in a baby bureau. They are lower than a regular bureau so your little ones can learn to get themselves dressed once they start walking.


Car Seat

– Buy a new car seat that meets the latest safety guidelines. Avoid buying a used car seat. It will only take the physical stress of one accident, and then it needs to be tossed out.


– Prams have a comfortable mattress that supports your baby up to 25 pounds. Most babies cannot sit up before 7 months so good back support is necessary.


– Manufacturers have designed strollers for all kinds of lifestyles: standard, jogging, bicycling, and umbrella.



– You’ll need a mattress cover, crib sheets, crib blankets, and a musical crib mo-bile. Avoid putting a pillow or stuffed animal in the crib. Young babies do not have neck control and can suffocate.


– The trend is returning to cloth diapers since they are thousands of dollars cheaper. You only need to buy them once and they will outlast several babies. If you decide to go this route, buy a diaper pail and at least 20 diapers, which will last 2 days. Otherwise, stock up on disposable diapers in the newborn size.


– If your baby will be sleeping in their own room, you’ll need a baby monitor to hear every sound.


– Babies outgrow newborn clothing within a few weeks. Some parents skip the newborn size and buy clothing in the 3-6 month size. The type of outerwear needed depends on the season and climate when baby is born.