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Consider Adoption

Women sometimes have difficulty getting pregnant or have a health issue that would become life-threatening during pregnancy. Some women moving upward through the corporate maze do not want to become pregnant. Adoption can give you the joy of parenthood without the risks of pregnancy. Here are some issues to contemplate as you research adoption.

Medical Considerations

The main issue with adoption is not always knowing the medical background of the birth parents. There could be genetic issues that might not show up until later in childhood. Moreover, some mothers take drugs or alcohol during pregnancy that can adversely affect the child’s physical, emotional, or mental development.

Other Children

Professionals recommend that adopted children be the youngest in a family. The first-born child will feel that his status is being challenged if you adopt an older child. Adopting a baby solves this problem as the children will go through the normal stages of emotional bonding rather than immediate sibling rivalry.

Private Adoption

Private adoptions go directly through an attorney rather than an agency. Although you must still pass the home inspection, you avoid agency fees that can be quite prohibitive to lower middle class couples. Some states have minimal requirements beyond the home study so an adoption can occur within days after birth.

Adoption Agency

Adoption agencies generally have access to a larger selection of children and expectant birth mothers, but you might have to wait several years to adopt a baby. The wait list varies dependent on the criteria you or the birth mother specify. For example, the birth mother can restrict adoptions to people of her own faith.

Sealed Adoption

Sealed or closed adoptions used to the be the norm. Women checked into a facility as Jane Doe, gave birth, and left within 2 weeks. The true identity of the parents was not reported to the state when submitting the information for a birth certificate. This type of adoption prevents interference from the birth parents, but it also denies you the opportunity to research any medical issues that arise.

Open Adoption

Open adoption allows the birth mother to participate in the child’s life. Your contract with the birth mother determines her level of involvement. The downside is that she can legally prevent you from moving out of the area if you should ever want to do so.