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About Meg Sears

Hi, I’m Meg Sears, the mommy of a beautiful little girl. Babies are precious and cuddly bundles of love. This is my story of the decisions my husband and I made about starting our family.
I wanted a baby early in our marriage but each of us came into the relationship with a lot of debt. We decided to wait 3 years and spend that time paying off the car loans and credit cards. We built up our savings and had everything planned-or so we thought.
I didn’t get pregnant. We tried everything the doctor suggested. It just didn’t happen. We visited a fertility clinic to no avail. We considered adoption.
I wrote a post about the pros and cons of adoption. At first, I was afraid of open adoption due to some high-profile cases where the birth mother changed her mind. However, our attorney assured me that most adoptions go smoothly.
In our case, the birth mother was a college student who returned to her hometown after graduation. She wanted to correspond with our daughter but had no interest in taking on the responsibility of raising a child. We are thankful to her for giving us a healthy baby girl. We know it was a heart-wrenching decision.
The birth mother was 5 months pregnant when she approved us for the adoption. This gave us time to prepare a lovely nursery to welcome the new baby. I learned some important information about baby cribs and car seats while buying the things we needed. You can read everything here on the blog.