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Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in Blog, Relationships & Family | 0 comments

A D.C.’s Older Bride’s Guide To Wedding Dresses–Or Not

What’s the state with the oldest median age for a first-time bride? That would be the District of Columbia with an average age of 29.7. So what kind of wedding dress does a nearly 30-year-old woman search for? Well, it depends on her tastes, personality, and body type. Sure, the D.C. bride is about 7 years older than the average 23-year-old bride in Iowa. But it doesn’t mean that she wants to be any less radiant and sexy on her big day.

Mature Thinking Doesn’t Mean Matronly

Wedding dresses for the over 30 crowd can still be trendy with halter-style, form-fitting gowns in non-traditional colors like pastels and cool tones that shine like jewels. Conversely, some brides head to the bridal shop with tradition in mind, but want more than a sweetheart neckline, A-line bodice, and a long, flowing train.

Women who wait longer to marry often have specific ideas about how their wedding dress should reflect their maturity, career, and economic station in life. There are many professional women in the District of Columbia who work with the government, local universities, or own their own business, who wish to project a certain amount of elegance in their style selection that reflects the work they’ve put into their careers.

Over 30 Style Doesn’t Always Mean “Mature”

Older first-time brides may find that heading to the bridal store isn’t on their list of priorities. If the wedding is more intimate or in a non-religious venue, the bride may elect to wear something more casual like a pantsuit or an outfit that puts the “life” in lifestyle. Getting married on a beach in a sarong and flip-flops might be the way she rolls.

Many brides opt for wedding dresses that can be reworked into something that they can wear more than once. Many gowns can be altered into tea-length dresses that can be worn on nights out on the town or for that first anniversary. Pantsuits can be worn to work or to a special occasion. Practicality is often a big consideration for new brides, over a one-time luxury that can never be worn again.

Bottom-Line? It’s Your Day

Consider color, length, fit, and finances when you decide what to wear on your wedding day. Whichever dress you choose, you need to keep in mind that your choice of attire should make you feel beautiful, sexy, happy and ready to face the world with confidence–no matter if you live in a high-powered town like the District of Columbia or in a Midwestern Iowa suburb.

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