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Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 in Blog, Relationships & Family | 0 comments

Is An Open Adoption Right For You And Your Unborn Child?

Are you currently pregnant and considering placing your child up for adoption? If so, you may find that you are dealing with a complex combination of emotions during this time, including guilt and anxiety. For many birth parents, choosing to use an open adoption process can help to alleviate these feelings and make them more comfortable with the idea of giving their child to another family to raise. Taking the time to consider the many benefits of an open adoption can help you to decide if this process is right for you and your unborn child.

An Open Adoption Allows You To Personally Vet The Family Who Will Care For Your Child

When using a traditional closed adoption process, you can be left with a lot of questions concerning how your child is being cared for and you may find yourself worrying about whether or not they found a good home. This worry can lead to feelings of guilt by many birth parents. The use of an open adoption process can eliminate this type of worry by allowing you to not only meet, but to vet the adoptive parents yourself. The more you learn about the family who will raise your child as their own, the more comfortable you will feel with your decision to place your child in their care.

An Open Adoption Allows You To Set The Terms Of Your Child’s Adoption

With an open adoption, there really are no rules that are set in stone. Instead, the boundaries of this adoption will be agreed upon by you and the adoptive parents. While not all birth parents choose to have any interaction with the family after the adoption is complete, others will request annual photographs of the child or even request to be part of the child’s life in a capacity other than that of their parent.

While the terms of an open adoption can vary greatly from one case to the next, the simple fact that you can create any requirements you desire for the adoption of your child can be enough to eliminate any anxiety you may have regarding this process.

An Open Adoption Allows For The Open Exchange Of Information

Family history and medical information can be extremely important to your child’s well being as they grow older. Unfortunately, with traditional adoptions, this information is often limited or nonexistent. Consequently, birth parents and adopted children often struggle to make medical decisions and seek out appropriate preventative care.

Thanks to the open lines of communication during an open adoption, important information regarding the child’s health and family history can easily be obtained.

A Final Thought

Putting your child up for adoption can be the most difficult and selfless act you ever complete. While the decision to give your child up will never be easy, choosing to go forward with an open adoption can make this decision just a bit easier. For further information, check out

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