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Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 in Blog, Relationships & Family | 0 comments

8 Tips For Preparing For An International Adoption Trip

International adoptions present their own special challenge. One of those involves your preparations to travel to the country from which you plan to adopt. Here are eight ways you can plan ahead for your international adoption trip.

  1. Check security alerts. The United States State Department keeps a running list of countries with security issues. The list contains specifics regarding the alerts such as threats of terrorist acts. You might need to reschedule your trip for safety reasons if the country you are traveling to has an active alert. 
  2. Learn the culture. Take some time and read guidebooks and research the culture in the area in which you are traveling. Learn how to say simple words and phrases such as “thank you” in the native language for the country.
  3. Prepare your funds. Some countries do not accept certain credit cards and travelers checks. Find out ahead of time the acceptable forms of currency so that you have funds available to you during your travel.
  4. Purchase donations for the orphanage. Call the orphanage and find out if there are any items that are needed and take some along with you. For instance, some orphanages need formula and toys. 
  5. Check your health insurance. You want to ensure that your health insurance policy covers you while you are traveling. You might need to purchase supplemental coverage to provide care during your trip.
  6. Make copies of all your documents. In the event that any forms that you need to take with you are lost, having a copy can prevent a delay in your adoption. Take one copy with you and leave another with a trusted person who can fax or express mail it to you if necessary.
  7. Pack the essentials. If you are picking up your child on this trip, remember that you will have to bring back his or her belongings on the return trip. Pack clothes and personal care items for your child so that he or she has them available on the way home.
  8. Contact your adoption agency. The adoption agency might have some last minute instructions for you. Complete any tasks you are given ahead of the trip to avoid delays. 

In the excitement of going to meet and pick up your child, you might forget some things. By taking steps, such as checking your currency, you can make sure the trip goes as smoothly as possible. Rely on your adoption agency for additional help with preparations. For more information, contact Global Adoption Services Incorporated.

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