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Posted by on Oct 2, 2014 in Blog, Relationships & Family | 0 comments

When A Couple Dies Together: Tips For Planning A Funeral For Two

At times, death can come for a married couple at the same time. If a couple dies in a car accident together or dies close to each other for another reason, the loved ones of that couple may decide to have a funeral for two. Planning a funeral for two or more people at the same time can be challenging, but here are some tips to help you out:

Reduce decisions and save money by purchasing products for couples

If you are planning a funeral for two, you will need to pick out caskets, gravestones, and other elements just as you do when you are planning any other type of funeral. If you want to save a bit of money and speed up the decision-making process, consider buying elements that can be used for both people. For instance, one couple in the United Kingdom were cremated in a coffin for couples, and headstones for couples or families have been popular for generations.

Remember to individually honor each person

A couples funeral is a great way to honor the love and bond that a couple had while living on earth, but it should not distract from the unique joy and beauty of each individual. Keep this in mind as you prepare the funeral, and try to integrate unique ways to honor each person.

For instance, you could have someone who was a friend to the couple write a eulogy that honors them both, but then, you could have other people deliver eulogies that are more focused on an individual.

Consider a memorial service rather than a funeral

A funeral takes place relatively soon after the deceased person has passed, and traditionally, the deceased person’s body is present at this event. A memorial service, in contrast, can take place at any time, and the body is traditionally not there.

If relevant to your situation, consider having a memorial service for two or more of your lost loved ones at the same time. If you have a big family full of far flung members, you could even have an annual memorial service for everyone that your family has lost that year. This could be done in addition to or instead of a traditional funeral. 

Honor each person’s religious preferences

If you are planning a couples funeral for an interfaith couple, you will need to deal with that issue carefully. You can have the funeral in one person’s church and ask the other person’s minister, rabbi, or imam to co-officiate. Alternatively, you could have the service at a funeral home so that there is no religious conflict.

For more ideas and tips on planning a funeral for two, contact a funeral home (such as Ahlgrim & Sons Funeral And Cremation Services LTD) today.

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